HP Indigo Printing

Partnered with HP Indigo to provide the best quality printing for your business. 7 Colors, White Ink, Metallic Ink, Spot Colors, Voom is an HP Indigo Expert!

Voom has partnered with our customers to come up with some pretty bold solutions for their projects. Natively, using our Indigo we are able to create projects with white inks, metallic inks, and spot colors. Combined with our unique laminating, sleeking, and laser die-cutting capabilities, the limit is only our imagination. 

Here is a short list of some of the super cool things we can do with our Indigo to zhuzh up your next digitally printed project.

  • Metallic Inks - A full spectrum of metallic ink colors can give your project POP
  • White Inks - Printing on clear substrates can create some unique impressions
  • Spot colors - Match brand standards exactly for demanding standards or utilize custom fluorescent colors like our pink ink. 
  • Security inks - Inks only visible under black light
  • Synthetic Substrates - Printing on unique durable substrates. 
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Variable Image Printing

If you are considering creating a custom project using any of these creative print methods, contact us today to get your project started. 

Ready to Zhuzh Up Your Digital Print?