UV Coating

UV coating serves a couple of purposes, It can give your printed product additional protection, like protecting the ink on your postcards in the mailstream, or used for effect on printed pieces from brochures to business cards, UV coating is a cost effective way to add protection or embellish your print. 

Gloss UV coatings will make your ink pop, but it isn't for everything, if your piece is content heavy, gloss coatings strain the eyes, so while it is great for getting attention, you would not want gloss UV coating on the content of a magazine. 

Dull UV coating can give your piece a softer feel while enhancing your print and is friendly to the eye, drawing your reader in. Lustre, Matte, and Soft touch coatings are available as well, but for soft touch we really recommend the luxury of our soft touch lamination. We can even add scent to your printed piece, and can add texture using UV coating as well. 

Talk to a Voomie today about adding UV coating to your project. We can apply flood UV coating to paper stocks from 80# cover up to 24pt.